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We love creating videos just to express our inner craziness and twist. This is what keeps us passionate about animation and design. MA(D)CHINES is a humorous and surreal representation of how appliances could fit in our world.
In our story, MA(D)CHINES live out there and interact with our environment in the most unexpected way. Because what’s more rational than a helicopter-mixer trying to rescue people from a cup of tea, right in the middle of Antarctic?
Or a television broadcasting a rocket launch straight from its “heart” somewhere in Arizona, while a toaster-racing car is giving its first show in Grand Canyon? Exactly. There is nothing rational, not even about a lighthouse-blender considered as the best sight in Bahamas.
But sometimes art makes more sense than real life, right?

total no. of frames

900 frames
rendering time

Production Yell
Direction Tony Zagoraios
3D Animation Thanos Kagkalos, Ilias Chalkiopoulos, Kostis Anagnostaki
3D Lighting,Shading,Texturing Thanos Kagkalos,Kostis Anagnostakis,Stavros Karagiannis
3D Modelling Thanos Kagkalos,Kostis Anagnostakis,Stavros Karagianni
2D Animation Ilias Chalkiopoulos
Graphic Deign Till Noon
Music/Sound Design Rabbeats
Software Cinema4D, Realflow ,Houdini, TFD, Octane, After Efffects
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