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Coca Cola Reborn – Lab
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Coca Cola Reborn – Lab

The project
at a glance

We were invited by our lovely people at Nottoscale, to direct and animate two motion design pieces for the “Reborn” Coca-Cola Global Campaign.
Since this project would be assigned into multiple artists and studios around the world, it was a challenge for us to create animations that
reflect our style and aesthetics but also communicate the campaign message.

total no. of frames

525 frames
rendering time

Production Nottoscale
Direction Yeti Pictures
Creative Direction Yeti Pictures
Art Direction/ Design Vasiliki Evangelopoulou, Tony Zagoraios
3D Modelling / Texturing / Lighting Vasiliki Evangelopoulou, Elena Izanami
Animation Marios Tsaousis, Pantelis Tsiachris, Giorgos Eleftheroglou
3D Hands Animation Antonis Dimitropoulos
Before - After
Coca Cola Reborn – Lab
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