Experimental /Duncan Elms
CampMographAustralia Title Sequence 2024
Camp Mograph Australia Title Sequence 2024
Experimental Duncan Elms

Camp Mograph Australia Title Sequence 2024

The project
at a glance

The aim for the title sequence was to capture the essence of creativity, innovation, and inspiration through the lens of Australia’s diverse landscapes, flora, fauna, and geological formations. Through abstract and highly stylized visuals, we sought to showcase the creative process and the myriad of influences that drive motion design, from nature, art and fashion to technology and beyond.

We wanted to create a piece that shows the diverse range of styles in motion design so decided to put together a large team of some of the worlds best artists in the field and give them freedom to interpret the brief in unique ways.

Thanks to all the artists for contributing and shout out to Tony/Yeti pictures for doing so many shots and to Jessica Ledoux for bringing it all together in the edit.

Shout out to Camp Mograph for giving us a blank canvas to create over and to @shellinmotion for organizing the Australian event.

We are so excited that YETI Pictures was a part of this amazing project, along with a bunch of killer artists out there. A huge thank you to Duncan Elms for inviting us. Stay tuned for breakdowns and design developments from our shots!

total no. of frames

1500 frames
rendering time

Directed By Duncan Elms
3D Artists Hyunsup Ahn
Ethem Cem
Mert Ercin
Harrison Grant
Thanos Kagkalos
Mehmet Kızılay
Mert Kizilay
Renato Marques
Daniel Moreno
Brandon Parvini
Amando Rosales
Min Shi
Ilya Tselyutin
Yeti Pictures
Edit Jessica Ledoux
Music + Sound Design James O'Connell
Before - After
Camp Mograph Australia Title Sequence 2024
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